don’t think about the future, ride it!

We’re not just talking about sustainable mobility, we are talking about emotions, power and performance combined with the tech evolution. We believe that it’s possible to transform sun’s energy into fuel and also that pollution is not indispensable. that’s why passion can overcome stereotypes and riding a motorcycle will change.

bodywork kits for electric motorcycles,

handmade with tradition for the future

The E-racer has come true and running, after nearly two years of work and intensive partnerships with some of the most incredible and enthusiastic craftsmen and Italian companies. Today our special kit is fully functional and participates in important events led by professional stunts.
The E-Racer is a special bodywork motorcycle kit for the Tacita T-Race model.
The only way to have an E-Racer is to buy and transform a Tacita offroad model with our custom kit including: personalized project, special parts kit, building and assembly at our suppliers in Italy. Conversion price from 9.000€.


Electric asynchronous three-phase induction, aluminum body, machined from solid

3 MAPPINGS   Eco – Urban – Boost

COOLING SYSTEM  Liquid-type with circuits for motor and controller

TRANSMISSION  5-speed gearbox with hydraulic clutch

BATTERY  7  kWh Li-po lythium polymer.

BATTERY LIFE  Up to 4000 cycles to 80% initial capacity

REGENERATIVE BRAKE  2 maps to choose, Hard or Smooth

WEIGHT 352 Lbs – 160 Kg

FRAME  Split crome-molybdenum single-beam

FRONT SUSPENSION  fully adjustable Ø48 mm upside-down Öhlins TTX pressurized nitrogen hydraulic fork

REAR SUSPENSION  fully adjustable Öhlins pressurized nitrogen unit with hydraulic spring preload

WHEELS  front 3.5 x 17” 120/70-17 – Rear 4.25 x 17” 160/60-17

BRAKES    front Brembo radially mounted 4 pistons calipers CLF watercut Wave® floating disc, Ø320 mm – Rear  220 mm CLF watercut Wave® disc

BODY  Kevlar and carbon fiber, 3d printed nylon, Eco leather and Alcantara® Seat with tailored seams


MAX POWER  55 kW – 74 hp


MAX RPM  9000

MAX SPEED 110Mph – 177 Km/h
CHARGING TIME  35 min to full charge on public high-power stations – 1 h 30 min to full charge with domesic plugs with onboard 3Kw charger
RANGE Approx. 80Km riding fast. Reserve power function automatically activated at 20% of remaining charge, reducing performance to reach the nearest charging point.

Kilograms of CO2 saved every 10000Km


sustainable and Emissions free


over 1000000 kilometers of testing to develop the project


Battery life up to 4000 cycles

sailing to the future

Riding a custom made electric motorcycle with the torque and the power of an E-Racer
means forgetting any stereotype of electric mobility.


We realize that a non-commercial product like our bike can not compete on the final price, we have chosen an uncompromising road. The process to have an E-Racer is like buying a yacht: we will meet, we will talk and together we will choose the solutions that best suit your biker personality.



That’s why we called our classic white style model, Tender Line.


75 Hp and 120 Nm of torque of pure fun. There will be no competitors in acceleration, both on the streets and in racetrack

charging time

35 min to full charge on public high-power stations – 1 h 30 min to full charge with domestic plugs with 3Kw charger

water resistant

IP68 the certification of water resistance. You can ride in any weather condition, wading rivers or riding in the snow


All motorcycles are produced according to customer specifications. Leather, painting, suspensions and height are all custom

SMARTPHONE dashboard optional

We can develop IOS app to manage the power unit datas via Bluetooth. GPS speed indicator

Built in front action cam

To record sports performances and trips, it's possible to equip the motorcycle with an action camera above the headlight.

The Dark Side E-Racer is a style concept where matte painting is accompanied to the pure carbon fiber finishing. The saddle is hand-sewn with black Alcantara™. Thanks to an electrolytic treatment of color anodization you can personalize all metal parts like the chassis and the engine.

Keyless biometric ignition and BT dashboard

Thanks to the specifically developed software for Apple IOS, the electronic control unit, via bluetooth, provides to your smartphone the consumption data, charge level and maps settings. Speed is indicated by using the integrated GPS.

The phone itself acts as a biometric key, the fingerprint recognition activates the ignition procedure.
Anyhow the motorcycle can be driven in any case, even without the phone