E-Racer design dept.

The E-Racer Design team is available to develop innovative Italian design vehicles for motorcycles and scooter companies. 

Our team of talented designers and clay modelers supervised by Aldo De Giovanni, have already designed some innovative products for the Italian, Chinese and Vietnamese E.V. markets. 

If your need is to push over the standard quality your product design and if you consider passion as a plus value for your company, we can be the provider you are looking for. 

After years of working behind the scenes I decided to put myself in first person founding E-Racer Motorcycles, that is not a common company, but rather an outsourced design consultant team capable of interfacing with individuals and businesses to display and implement innovative motorcycles. My main focus is to look beyond the present and leave the emotions to the task of shaping the forms and to imagine the functions. This is why in my projects I try to combine the manual skills of drawing and modeling with the technology of rendering, 3d printing and robotics work.


Aldo De Giovanni